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Differential Rebuild Kits

About This Product

The Coast to Coast rebuild kits contain all the components needed for a complete rebuild of a light duty differential. The kits are available in two levels of content -- Master Rebuild Kit and Standard Rebuild Kit.

Components included in our kits include:

  • Pinion Head & Tail Bearings
  • Pinion Nose Bearing (where applicable)
  • Differential Bearings
  • Pinion Seal
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Sleeve or Shims to Set Pinion Bearings Pre-Load
  • RTV Sealant
  • Gear Marking Compound and Brush to Check Gear Tooth Contact Pattern
  • Ring Gear Bolts
  • Pinion Adjusting Shims to Adjust Pinion Depth
  • Differential Shims to Adjust the Ring & Pinion Back Lash and Set Differential Bearings Pre-Load

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